If you think you’re cured…

Voice of Recovery from Addiction


I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen go back out after a significant amount of sober time because they felt they’d been sober long enough that they were “cured” and could handle just one drink. Let me give you some facts about Alcoholism and addiction.

FACT: There is NO cure for the disease of addiction

FACT: Regardless of the amount of sober time you may have, you can NEVER drink or use again

FACT: The disease of addiction is very patient; The longer you stay sober / clean the stronger your disease will get. It’s behind you on steroids & doing push ups just waiting for you to crack that door open again.

FACT: When you drink or use after a significant amount of sober / clean time, you will always go back to where you were when you quit and it ALWAYS gets worse than the time before.

FACT: You can NOT get and STAY sober / clean on your own.

FACT: Getting and staying sober / clean has NOTHING to do with “Willpower”

Those are actual facts. Of course there have been people who have tried to discredit them, but always failed. Some made it back in to recovery, some didn’t. To get and stay sober / clean you first must deal with the physical addiction, and then you must deal with the mental obsession. They go hand in hand. Drinking / using is not our problem, it’s our solution to our problem and unless we deal with our demons head on we can never get our disease under control, We must also be consistent with our recovery in order to STAY sober / clean.

I personally know of two people within my own network that went back out after having over twenty years of sobriety. It all started with that “I been sober long enough, I can handle just one” attitude. Maybe it goes smooth that first night, but it won’t bee too long before that obsession kicks back in and you’re off and running & out of control again. No exceptions. We can not drink like “Normal people” For whatever reason, our bodies do not react the same way to alcohol the way a normal drinkers does. There are many theories as to why some of us are alcoholics / addicts and some aren’t. The truth is, none of us are exempt from this disease and if you have it, you’re stuck with it for life. The ONLY way to get relief from the disease is recovery. That recovery has to be taken seriously and worked on every day, for the rest of your life. FACT: You can NEVER drink again.


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