Stay Away From The First One…


A drink would really taste good right about now!” Those are words that every recovering alcoholic says at one point or another. To THINK about it is normal. We all have those thoughts. But it’s when they go beyond thoughts and are put into ACTION that we revert back to our destructive selves. All it takes is ONE drink to set those wheels in motion, not the fourteen or twenty that will surely follow. Just ONE, that first one. It’s the first drink that will make you drunk.

When the thought hits your mind, don’t nurse it. Think about your last drunk…not having a “drink” When you think about a drink, you romanticize it. You think of being social, having a good time and enjoying being around friends. Think about your last drunk; how much of a wreck you were. Think about laying on the floor in the bathroom of a bar with your face buried in the toilet. Think about making an ass out of yourself around everyone. Think about loosing control of your bladder while still in your clothes. Maybe you woke up in a hospital and had to be treated for alcohol poisoning. Take it even further and think about the hang over that’ll kick your ass the next morning and the consequences that are sure to follow with your family and friends the next day. Think about the wreckage you cause as a direct result of you giving in to an impulse.

It’s not the thought of having a drink that will destroy you, it’s the actually doing that will. Once you suck that first one down, the Phenomenon of craving kicks in. That’s why you can’t stop once you start. The Phenomenon of craving is what happens when an alcoholic takes one drink. The body starts to crave it and they can’t help but consume more and more. It’s like the disease kicks in and takes over. As long as you avoid that first one, you can prevent that from happening.

You won’t have to worry about fighting with yourself trying to stop if you don’t put yourself in a position where you’ve started. Here are a few tips of what to do besides think of your last drunk that can help you when the thought pops into your head.

  • Pick up the phone and call your sponsor or another alcoholic.
  • Go to a meeting
  • Write in a journal
  • Go for a walk until it passes
  • Call a friend who supports your recovery
  • Read a book
  • Exercise
  • Put on a pot of coffee
  • Talk to your loved ones

These are just a few suggestions. Do whatever you need to to take yourself out of the thought of a drink. It’s not always easy, but it IS possible. If you don’t do whatever is necessary to fight the urge and you give in to it, than there’s no excuse other than you gave in because you WANTED to. We use excuses to justify our actions even if only in our minds but that’s all they are, EXCUSES. No body and no situation can make you pick up that drink. It’s not that person or situation that put that glass in your hand, lifted up to your mouth and made you swallow it. Taking that first drink is a choice but once that first one is in your system, the disease takes over and you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. You are free to make your own choices but remember, every choice has a consequence.

AJ Menendez, Master Male Illusionist

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