Signs of Alcoholism.


Living with Addiction and Recovery

by AJ Menendez, Master Male Illusionist

Nine out of ten times the alcoholic (or addict) is the last one to know that they have a problem. They have to destroy themselves and everyone around them first before they can see that they do in fact have a problem. However, there are very few and rare moments of clarity where even the one suffering from addiction will wonder. These moments do not ever last long and usually gets justified by our crazy thinking. Below you will find a list of sure signs of alcoholism. Most of which are taken from my own personal experience.


  • Every time you get upset or stressed, your automatic instinct is to reach for a bottle.

  • Your family members / friends are always telling you that you have a problem.

  • You’ve lost your job, family & friends due to your drinking.

  • You can’t remember your actions after a night of tossin’ them back.

  • You wake up in jail or unfamiliar place and have no clue how you got there or why.

  • You get irritated when you can’t drink.

  • You get the “shakes” when you don’t have alcohol in your system.

  • You would rather spend your last few dollars on a bottle even though you haven’t eaten.

  • You’ve had more than one DUI yet you still don’t think twice about getting behind the wheel after you’d been drinking.

  • You don’t drink every day but you can’t seem to stop once you’ve started.

  • You’ve stopped getting invited to family functions or parties as a direct result of your drinking.

  • You hide bottles all over the house out of fear that someone will dump them.

  • You isolate yourself from others and activities

  • You realize it takes more and more consumption to get that “buzz”

  • You feel completely alone even while you’re in a room full of people.

  • You have no interest being around people who do not drink

  • You can’t go out and have a good time unless you get trashed.

  • You’re impulsive when you drink and do things you normally wouldn’t do when sober.

  • Your children suffer and go without as a result of your drinking.

  • You start to feel desperate when you know you can’t drink.

  • You drink while you’re driving without the concern of yourself or others.

  • You have more alcohol in your house than you do food.

  • You no longer care about anything else except your ability to drink.

  • You get irritated & pissed off when someone brings up the topic of your drinking habits.

  • You avoid any and all persons who criticize your drinking habits.

  • You always feel like you’re a victim and that people just don’t understand.

I can keep going but I think that I’ve covered the main ones. As I said before, most of these examples are taken from my own experience. Even with all these sure signs in front of my face, I didn’t see any of them. Everyone around me did, but I was blind to it all and saw none of my actions as unmanageable. None of us want to admit that we have a problem. Our fear and pride enable us to justify even the craziest of actions. Here are some of the major signs right in front of you in black and white written by an alcoholic. If you can relate to more than two of anything on the above list, chances are you DO in fact have a drinking problem. Nobody can diagnose you with a problem except for you . You can continue to live in denial but the truth of the matter is if you continue to do so, it WILL in fact kill you in the end.

Asking for help does not make you weak,

what does make you weak is not asking for help.

AJ Menendez, Master Male Illusionist

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