Just one drink…


Just one drink……..

I’m “better” now, I can handle just ONE drink

It’s been long enough, I can have just ONE drink

I can do it this time, it’s just ONE drink

What harm could it do? It’s just ONE drink

People ask, “Can’ you have just ONE drink?”

How many times have those thoughts entered my head over the years? They don’t come as much anymore, but they DO come on occasion. These thoughts are not uncommon for an alcoholic even with years of sobriety. When they come I have to THINK, I have to PRAY and I have to THINK some more. I have to follow my program, call my sponsor and play the tape all the way through. Rather than think about that first drink, I have to THINK about the consequences that will surely follow.

Alcoholism is very much like a set of Domino’s. Just ONE drink will set it off just as surely as the sun will rise and set. That’s all it will take, just ONE drink. No matter how many years of sobriety one may have, it will only take ONE drink to set the madness into motion. We all like to try to convince ourselves that we are different than the rest, we’re stronger. NEWS FLASH….. we’re all the same. Just one drink will have the same affects on every person who suffers from alcoholism. Those affects are loss, devastation, pain, havoc, destruction and the end result if not dealt with is death.

Once upon a time, I didn’t have a choice in the matter but today, I don’t drink by choice. I choose not only “not” to drink, but I choose to live and enjoy the life I’ve been blessed with in sobriety. No alcoholic is exempt from falling off the wagon, not even me. As long as I stay away from that first drink, I’ll continue to have that choice. It will only take ONE to undo it all. ONE drink will surely lead to an entire bottle. That will lead to hiding bottles around the house and telling lies to everyone. That will lead to the loss of respect, friends and family that will come with it. Just ONE drink will surely pound the first nail into my coffin and every nail that follows.

No matter how bad one’s drinking career has been, no matter how long they have been suffering, EVERY person who suffers from alcoholism CAN achieve sobriety as long as they are willing to do whatever it takes and they stay away from that FIRST drink no matter what.

There’s no such thing as Just ONE drink for us.

AJ Menendez, Master Male Illusionist

February 27, 2015

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