Black Outs 101


Have you ever woke up in the morning and got that dazed and confused feeling because you don’t know how or when you got home? Woke up in a place and had no clue how or why you were there? Maybe you feel dazed and confused because your brain is one big blank…..THAT ladies and gentlemen is what’s known as a Black Out.

Black Out” A temporary loss of memory or consciousness (for alcoholics, it’s not always if ever so temporary ) While in an alcoholic blackout, one may “appear” fully conscious, although later, the alcoholic may have no memory of anything…No what, when, or where….whatsoever. (Alcohol acts as a sedative which progressively numbs the brain)

Notice in the description above it says “One may APPEAR fully conscious” Which means that you still walk (Stagger) talk (Slur) and act the fool, you just don’t remember none of it. There are those who have also gotten so very dangerous that they have driven in a black out. Allow me to give you an example of how dangerous Black Outs can be…………

Two years ago here in Jacksonville, a woman was driving her truck over a bridge with her five children. A very drunk woman came and cut the truck off. The truck went over the side of the bridge killing all of the passengers. The drunk woman kept going and was followed by someone who witnessed the accident. Once she was home, the person who followed her called the police. She was arrested and brought to the county jail. Can you imagine waking up in jail one morning not knowing how you got there or why only to find out you’ve just killed six people?

We alcoholics usually laugh off our stupidity during a black out. People will give you details of the night before and we autocratically think they are exaggerating. We laugh it off and don’t give it a second thought. I was very much one of those people. I was a black out drunk and my attitude was “If I don’t remember it, than it didn’t happen.” I always thought a black out was when you went home and just passed out. Yeah, no, not so much. I also thought that one blacks out after they tossed back far too many. REALITY CHECK……Black outs are NOT caused from the amount of alcohol you drink, they are caused by how fast you drink. When you are going through a black out, you are turning your memory into Swiss cheese and doing damage to your brain. It’s not like these memories will come back to you little by little, they are gone for good. The more you experience black outs, the more damage you’re doing to your brain. It’s NOT a joke and something that should be taken lightly.

When you start to experience black outs, it’s a sure fire red flag that you may have a serious problem. When you have them often, you can best believe that you DO in fact have a drinking problem. There are a great many warning signs for alcoholism and black outs are on the top of the list. Some of us laugh them off as a way not to deal with the problem but the truth is by not dealing with it, the situations will continue to plummet in a downward spiral. This is NOT something that should be laughed at or taken lightly. Not only are you causing permanent damage to your brain, you have no clue what kind of damage you may be causing while you’re in the middle of a black out. You’re not only taking chances with your own well-being and life, you could very easily be putting others in danger as well.

AJ Menendez, Master Male Illusionist

February 4, 2015

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