Enough is Enough


I usually send my blogs to the We are 1 voice page and then they post them, however comma…under the circumstances, I decided to post this directly to my page first. The contents of this blog hurts my heart, and just had to vent……..I’ve put a lot of thought into this since yesterday &I’ve prayed on it but it seems the more I think about it, the more it just……Well it pissed me off.

It’s no secret that the support meetings I attend are essential to my own recovery and the recovery of millions all over the country. I got sober at a straight meeting and over the past almost four years, I’ve on occasion, experiences some prejudice with regard to my sexual orientation.  I live in the south and although in my head that does not make it right, it is unfortunately expected. I almost walked out a few times, but after having a long conversation with my sponsor,  I decided that I wasn’t going to let the closed minded thoughts of a few keep me from maintaining my own sobriety.

However, I got a phone call yesterday from two individuals that I will not name who are both in recovery.  They are also both transgender. They attended a support group near their home and were thrown out because one of them tried to use the “Ladies” room.  She was told things like “If you looked more like a woman than an “IT” maybe it would be different.  They decided to attend the Group Conscious meeting (Kinda like a board meeting) to express their feelings and share their experiences. As a result, they were banned from the building and was told they could not even step foot on the property.


Number one, my heart goes out to these two individuals, it truly does. Not all support groups are as closed minded, and I hope that they will not give up. Number two, it has been my understanding that the support groups are supposed to be about RECOVERY and RECOVERY ONLY. Any prejudice thoughts and feelings need to be checked at the door. No matter how separate we may be on the outside, within the groups, our sole purpose is to help other’s and ourselves to stay clean and sober. Nothing else should matter.  It is difficult for the transgender community amongst both the straight people and unfortunately the LGBT community as well and it’s time that they are viewed as nothing more than human beings.  We fight for equality and that INCLUDES them as well. Speaking from experience, when you suffer from any kind of addiction, whether it be from drugs or alcohol,  it’s a very long and difficult road to travel.  The support groups are truly the only place where we feel we belong because we are surrounded by people who “get it” when it comes to addiction.  Gay, Lesbian & Transgender people are no different.  We are PEOPLE who are suffering from addiction and trying to get and stay clean and sober.  I’m not the “Lesbian chick” who is trying to get sober, there are no “Gay men” who are trying to stay clean and sober, and there are not TRANSGENDER people trying to get and stay clean and sober…..WE’RE JUST PEOPLE TRYING TO GET CLEAN & SOBER!!!


As I mentioned earlier, not all support groups are as closed minded and I pray that these individuals do not give up. Although they live in a different state, I am going to make it a point to try my best to stick up for the LGBT community with regard to situations such as this. I’m not transgender, I’m a straight up Lesbian who also happens to suffer from alcoholism and I understand how they feel.  I am disgusted at the way  they were treated. Although I am just one person and can not do it alone, and I have no idea where to start, I am going to do my best to make an attempt to make a difference. Regardless of Race, Creed, Color or Sexual Orientation, we are all HUMAN BEINGS. At least that’s the way it should be. Getting clean and sober is hard enough without having to be turned away by a room full of people who suffer from the same disease as you do.  It’s just not right. Transgender individuals are nothing more than HUMNAN BEINGS trying to find their way. They aren’t  freaks”, its  or things”  Living day to day dealing with the obstacles that they must face is hard enough. When you add addiction to the top of their list, it makes it that much harder.  NO ONE can get clean and sober by themselves and I do mean no one…support is needed and when they are turned away from getting that support, where does that lead them?????

Sobriety has been a blessing for me and I feel that anyone who suffers from this very deadly disease, has the right to find that same serenity in sobriety and it shouldn’t matter how they live their lifestyles on the outside. Period, point blank, end of friggin story.

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