Anger is a very dangerous to someone who is suffering from addiction.  Unless of course they have the tools to deal with it.  Anger is a natural, human instinct. The key is how we choose to react or not react. Nine out of ten times, when an alcoholic / addict gets angry, our first reaction is to hit the bottle or the drugs.  That’s what we do….We don’t think twice about it. In fact, it’s the only way we know how to deal with any stressful situation.

This past weekend, I found myself in a situation where I was very angry and I thank God I had the tools to keep me from acting out. The key to dealing with anger when you’re and alcoholic or addict is NOT to react….stop and THINK.  Ask yourself the following questions;  1) Can I do anything about this situation?   Remembering that we cannot control the nouns; People, places or things. 2) Think about the consequences of your actions and ask yourself  if it’s worth it.  3) Depend more on a power greater than yourself.  3) Think beyond that first feeling of that first shot or hit…THINK about where it’s gonna take you….THINK about the consequences.


The main thing about not letting your anger get the best of you is to THINK BEFORE YOU REACT. You must retrain your brain in recovery not to act the way you normally would. Remember, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.   People are still gonna act like assholes, things in life are still gonna happen, situations are still gonna occur. We have no control over that. The  ONLY thing we DO have control over, is how we choose to react or not react.  We are NOT gonna find the answers in the bottom of a bottle or in the drug of your choice. No one can “make” you  do anything you don’t want to…They can’t piss you off and make you fall off the wagon….you drank or used because you wanted to, point blank!


Always remember that when you’re angry, THINK first. Remember that the drink or drug is NOT gonna fix anything, if anything, it’s gonna make it worse. When you come down or sober up, that problem is still going to be there, and your situation will be worse than it was before.   You can accomplish absolutely nothing if you take that first drink or drug.  I call it the “Puffer fish” affect….I still get mad, I puff up, I stop and THINK, I deflate. It can be done, trust me. I was extremely hot headed and had an extremely short fuse until I retrained my brain.  If I can do it, anyone can.


May 21, 2014


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