Half Measures avail us nothing…..


Half Measures avail us nothing…..

Getting sober is NOT something you can just decide to do one day without being serious. You’re either gonna be all in or all out, there is not in-between.  It is a life time process that requires dedication to the fullest.  100% of relapses happen because the individual was not 100% into their sobriety. They let life and things they can’t control get in the way OR after awhile of not drinking, they think they have regained their control and can have “Just one” and it’ll be okay.  Learning soon thereafter, that they can never drink like a person who does not suffer from alcoholism.  They can NEVER drink again.  You see, it’s he FIRST drink that always gets you drunk.  Once an alcoholic takes that first drink, they done for and off and running once again.

You can’t ever truly get sober unless you completely accept the fact that you are an alcoholic and you’re powerless over alcohol.  Getting sober is not an easy task, it takes hard work, faith, dedication. If you are missing any of those in the equation, than you’re not 100% about your sobriety.  The beautiful thing is once you are truly “Sober” you will find that you CAN deal with the painful things life throws at you such as death of a loved one in addition to many other stressful situations that normally would have lead you straight to the bottle.   But first, you have to get to the point where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  When you truly feel that way, you will begin to travel the road to a REAL recovery.

You can’t get sober for anyone else but YOU.  You can’t do it for your family, your friends, your job, the court system…Nope, it’s gotta be something you have to do for yourself.  People can bitch and complain & tell you that there’s a problem all day long, but unless YOU realize it yourself, and unless YOU are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to not only get sober but stay there, your attempts will be few and far between. You must realize that it is a life or death situation.

2 thoughts on “Half Measures avail us nothing…..

  1. Thanks for the post AJ. You are so right. The Big Book is very clear. It doesn’t say that half measures avail us 50%, or 25%. It says that “Half measures avail us nothing.” Until I was willing to go all-in, and give 100% putting sobriety first, before everything else in my life, I didn’t stand a chance at recovery.

    • Glen, I half assed it in the beginning because I didn’t feel I had a problem. When I relapsed, they video taped my last drunk. I walked back into the rooms saying, “Okay, I’m broke, how do you fix me?” I was ready….

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