The Difference Between “Dry & Sober”

The difference between being “Dry & Sober”


There are three phases to sobriety….

“Physical Sobriety”

“Mental Sobriety”

“Emotional Sobriety”


PHYSICAL SOBRIETY: When your body is alcohol / drug free
MENTAL SOBRIETY: When your mind is no longer driven by the substances of your choice

EMOTIONAL SOBRIETY: When you allow yourself to feel without fear or apprehension. Dealing with actual feelings are no longer an issue.

When you put all three together, you have pure freedom….You have true sobriety.

Many people who suffer from addiction believe that if they are just not drinking or using, that they are “sober” This is a huge misconception.  When you’re simply not using or drinking, you are what’s known as being “dry”  You’re still miserable, nothing in life seems to be changing for the better, you still view life through blinders….You’re not “living life” you’re merely existing.  When you’re simply “dry” you find no real joy in life whatsoever.  Many people live a “dry” lifestyle for many years. They just go on day by day sometimes feeling very “zombie” like.  Nothing keeps their attention for long. They could be in a room full of people and still feel very much alone.  It’s almost as if they’re life is one huge “Black and White movie”


When you’re truly “sober” the blinders are removed. All of a sudden, they are seeing things in full color. It’s as if they are seeing the beauty of it for the first time.  The bad times suddenly do not seem so bad and are much easier to deal with. When you’re “sober” you want to be a part of the world around you. You want to live and not just exist.  You will realize that your worst day sober is much better than your best day drunk or high. You want to become a better person and live right.  You no longer think of just yourself.  The feelings of other people become important to you and when you do something for someone, you no longer want or expect something in return. You do it because it’s the right thing to do. True sobriety comes from deep within.  It comes from having unconditional faith and pure willingness.

When you are truly sober, your mind, emotions and body are all on the same level.  You’re truly free from your addiction. This is something that must be worked on daily because addiction never goes away. Addiction is a life sentence, but it does not have to be a death sentence.  If you are just living a dry life, your chances of relapse are greater than they are if you are truly sober. It may take quite some time, but for someone who is just dry, relapse is inevitable.

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